Butler Silver

Makes the best Job in the world more versatile.

  • Clever concept

    With up to 30 trips daily, our Butler Silver pushes feed that has been pushed away back towards the bars: hay, silage or green feed. One Butler supplies up to 30 performance groups. To increase dry matter intake, it spreads small quantities of concentrated feed, minerals or two types of feed onto the basic feed. This encourages the natural feeding behaviour of the animals and they come several times a day to feed.

  • Unhindered passage

    The rails can be folded up automatically to let tractors or loaders pass. And your Butler can also be retracted to the feed fence at any point. This saves space and provides a clear path for basic feed distribution. When the machine is stopped in the station, the 24V batteries are recharged.

  • Healthier animals

    When animals eat small amounts several times a day, this has a positive effect on the pH value in the rumen and on their intake of basic feed. The results: higher milk yield, significantly reduced stress on the liver, fewer fertility disorders and fewer hoof problems.

  • Secure Hold

    The Butler Silver travels on a rail along the feeding fence. The rail can also be installed on both sides of the stable. The rail provides the required support to push large loads of feed.

  • Butler Silver - for Cattle fattening

    Every few hours, the Butler Silver pushes the feed which has been pushed away back towards the bars and spreads it with up to two concentrated, mineral or liquid feed types.

  • Less work, more time

    With the Butler, you save up to 70% of your work time, protect your workers and, above all, their backs. Use the time for other Tasks or simply spend more free time with your Family!

  • More activity. higher yield

    The increase in activity of your cows increases their frequency at the milking robot and the milk yield significantly. Feed is pushed forward 12 times per day with the Butler, instead of 4 times per day by hand. In the case of dairy cattle, this results in a performance increase of up to 4.98 kg – without an increase in the quantity of concentrated feed*.

    *According to studies of the Institute for Animal Production in Prague
    and Dr. Thomas Guggenberger of LFZ Raumberg/ Gumpenstein


    – High-tech solution with special articulated conveyor belt
    – With four-wheel drive – for very large quantities of feed
    – Travels on rails – always follows the same route
    – Rails can be folded up to let other vehicles pass
    – Easy to retrofi t in any stable
    – Automatically couples with the charging station
    – Operating voltage 24 V, battery operation 2 x 105 Ah, maintenance-free batteries
    – Weight 580 kg
    – Dimensions 2,200 mm x 500 mm x 2,000 mm


    - Intelligent and continuous feed pushing
    - More fl exibility on the farm, greater time savings, Good feed availability around the clock
    - Conveyor brings the feed loosely to the trough
    - Higher intake of basic feed, High level of profi tability
    - Improved feed effi ciency, Increased animal wellbeing
    - Increases the milk yield of your herd, even lower-rank cows consistently give more milk
    - More activity at the milking robot
    - 2 different types of concentrated feed can be used

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