Makes the best Job in the world more individual.

  • High-tech with tradition

    30 years ago, the KuhMeister – the first device from Wasserbauer – took on the job of feeding with concentrated feed and mineral additives. Today, the CowMaster, as it is now known, is a high-tech device with lots of unique advantages.

  • Feeding á la carte

    The CowMaster is a classic transponder station, which recognises each animal and processes all known data about its basic feed and its milk production. This allows targeted feeding which is based on output and milk compounds.

  • Unique double station

    two animals are given feed individually and can feed at the same time

  • Unique feeding tray

    Just like all of the sheet metal parts of the CowMaster, the feeding tray is also made from stainless steel. Its special shape allows the animal to consume feed faster and without residue. There are no nooks and crannies for the leftovers to remain in where mould can form.

  • Transponder’s system

    For the animal identification, two systems are available : the earmark and the neck strap with transponder.

  • The perfect feed computer

    – Concentrated feed calculation of milk quantity, fat, protein, urea
    – Feeding before and after calving
    – Complete cow calendar
    – No-risk system
    – Quick overview of alarm animals
    – Easy operation – help from assistantsn

  • Digi Milk Manager

    – Ration calculation for dairy cattle
    – Complete calculation of basic feed and concentrated feed
    – Breeding wheel
    – Complete cow calendar
    – Data import and export with selected communication partners
    – Evaluation of the feed quantities per animal

  • Modular system

    Four types of concentrated feed, four mineral mixtures and a liquid dosing unit for the highest demands. The large opening of 27 x 29 cm guarantees problem-free feed sliding, even with mealy concentrated feed.

  • Patented sealing cap

    The patented sealing system prevents the feed from trickling out. Even if animals bump against the station, no feed trickles out and it is reliably protected against moisture.

  • Undisturbed feeding

    The pneumatic door is activated automatically using animal recognition. The animals are not crowded or pushed and can enjoy feeding undisturbed. Our door systems can be used anywhere – even for other concentrated feed stations.

  • Benefits for you

    – More than 30 years of experience
    – Tried-and-tested and modern technology
    – Very easy to operate
    – Perfect feed calculation for high-yield cows
    – Enormous efficiency for your farm
    – Best-possible safety
    – Mouse-proof cables
    – Computer with 10“ touchscreen PC