• Lockboy

    The simple solution which makes cows eating more 

    It drives up to 30 times a day along the feed fence and puts small individual amounts of concentrate on the forage for up to 30 lots. The animals are stimulated to eat more dry matter. The natural eating behaviour is imitated which is favourable for the digestion of the animals. TMR formula can be upgraded to a higher energy level. The simple system, suspended on a rail allows driving along the feed fence even in narrow curves and slopes. The Lockboy can disperse two types of concentrate, It can be filled with concentrate automatically or manually.

    Simple installation 

    The easy-to-install rail system can be integrated in narraow and angled stables and copes easily with slopes and curves.

  • Interessante Survey

    Thanks to higher fodder intake there is an increase of the milk yield. The recognized agricultural research center Raumberg-Gumpenstein in Styria/Austria has carried out a study which showed an annual befit of 7.690,00 Euro with 50 cows. Even write-down and maintenance costs are taken into account. With increasing cow numbers the benefits grow progressively.